Social Cooperative Enterprise ‘Melitakes’, ecology and self-sufficiency go together

Melitakes plant, respect and protect the food

Festival of Seeds and Self-sufficiency 2018

“Often Mother Earth complains,
Because over time she loses her values…”
Anna Skandalaki

The 2018 Festival of Seeds and Self-sufficiency was dedicated to these inherited values: to Water as a timeless good, the source of life, intertwined with freedom and abundance, and to Seeds, the timeless carriers of Health, Self-sufficiency, and Biodiversity.

We are very pleased with the informative talks and actions that took place, aiming to express recognition and gratitude to Mother Nature for the abundant gifts she generously offers to every living being.

We were especially delighted to welcome the children, the future inheritors of these natural gifts.

On Saturday, March 10th, in Heraklion, at the Androgeo hall, Nikos Lygeros spoke on the topic “Water as the Source of Life,” and Dimitris Petrakis on “Local Food as a Factor of Health and Longevity.”

A pleasant surprise was the sweet voices of the Children’s Choir of the Municipality of Heraklion.

On Sunday, March 11th, at the Pyrgos Primary School, Giannis Manetas spoke on the topic “Genetically Modified Plants: What exactly does Dr. Frankenstein offer?” while the Agronomist-Environmental Scientist Giorgos Vlontakis and the Ecological Farmer Vaso Parasiri presented practical ecological advice on fertilization issues, plant protection, etc.

The Mixed Choir of Byzantine and Traditional Music of the Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia accompanied musically, as did the traditional Music group of Vangelis Papadakis.

The children participated in an educational program at the Pyrgos Library titled “The Earth that Nourishes Us,” and also in the revival of old group games in the courtyard of the Primary School under the guidance of Vangelis Antonakis and Lilas Elioti.

The message of the Festival was delivered by the Mantinada poet, Anna Skandalaki.

Groups from Crete participated, which are involved from primary production to the promotion of products and services.

We thank the local bodies and all the friends for their warm support!