How to set up your new email account in Gmail

Hi Melitakes!

Since you now have this cool email address, you’ll want to use it for sure.

To do this in a proper and secure way, I made this here tutorial. Follow the steps and you’re good to go!

Don’t spam with it, it will ruin the reputation of my server. For mailing lists, use MailChimp.



Open "Settings" (in Greek)

Go to “settings”

Change to English, we'll undo that later

Change the language in English. We’ll undo this later.

again, go to "Settings"

Again, “settings”

Go to " Accounts and Import"


Follow the arrows

Follow the arrows

Your new address

Your address





Server and Port number (SSL)

the password will be sent by email

Now for the SMTP server


The name that shows in your emails

The “from” name

Mind the server and port number, as well as the SSL

Send as Melitakes Keinsep

Wait for the confirmation email to arrive

Confirm, either with the link or with the code

Either click the link, or input the code.

This is the email you will recieve

This is the confirmation




Send a test email

Now test it

Toggle the "from" email address

Click the down arrow


Choose your “from” address

In the Settings, change the language back to Greek

Back to Greek